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Siding 16
Before Inyokern was called Inyokern it was called Magnolia.  Before it was Magnolia it was called Siding 16.  Siding 16 is a page for Inyokern youth.  There will be links and information about staying on the right track.  It has been a long time since the webmaster went through siding 16.  The webmaster will never attempt to talk down to siding 16 readers.   You are our future and there will always be room for your input.

Be sure to follow the link to N2Dirt, the site so nice I linked it twice!
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Mountain & River Adventures
The truth about the cost of credit and debt.   This is something everyone should know before they get their first credit card, the economics you may not be learning in home economics.  See the links to the right and learn about the credit trap before you find yourself in it.  "Debtor" is an old  game with a long history of losers who did not heed good advice.
Look it up!
has the highest insolation of any town in North America.
Hey off roaders:
Inyokern has lot of off-road motorcycle riders with a lot of talent.   If you are a rider and would like to see an ORV page on this site contact the webmaster.   I have a hunch we may have some real world-class talent right here in Inyokern, and you deserve some exposure on this site.  If we can get enough people together we may be able to convince Ed Waldheim to pay us a visit.  Ed Waldheim is president of Friends of Jawbone and was recently inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame.  I have spoken to some of our Inyokern residents who asked  me to mention that they appreciate how our local riders are being courteous and considerate of noise and dust around residential areas.  Thank you for helping with our friendly Inyokern image.  Your responsible riding keeps trails open.
Is your off road machine not a machine?
Would you like to see a page for equestrian or agricultural interests in Inyokern?  Contact the webmaster, I know you are out there!
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It's the smiles!
It's the smiles that make Inyokern the Sunshine Capital of America!
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